Welcome toFood for Biodiversity!

According to the 2019 World Biodiversity Council report, around one million species are threatened with extinction. In Germany, too, the trend is still negative, as in almost all countries worldwide. Alongside climate change, the loss of biological diversity is one of the greatest challenges of our time – a challenge that can be tackled most effectively together.

In Germany, representatives from standards, food companies, agriculture, NGOs and scientific institutions founded the association “Food for Biodiversity – Biodiversity in the food industry” in March 2021. Find out more about the association here.

Who we are

As part of the EU LIFE project “Food & Biodiversity”, several national industry dialogues and initiatives to promote biodiversity in the food industry have been established. One project output is the founding of the “Food for Biodiversity” association


What we do

Food for Biodiversity places the promotion, restoration and preservation of biodiversity at the center of its association work. Food manufacturers and traders, standards and other players in the industry, scientific institutions and environmental organizations pull together as members: they undertake to implement measures that protect biological diversity in the food industry and its upstream value chains


Our members