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22-23 Mai 2023 National Conference "Biodiversity in the Food Sector"

Hardly any other industry is as dependent on intact ecosystems and their services as the food sector. But overexploitation, pollution, habitat destruction and the climate crisis have been leading to a steady increase in species extinction for years – according to the World Biodiversity Council, around one million species worldwide are acutely threatened with extinction. So how can the food industry respond to this trend and develop more sustainable strategies for the future? What levers can be used to better protect ecosystems? These and other questions were discussed at the specialist conference “Biodiversity in the Food Sector” on May 22 and 23, 2023 at the Evangelische Akademie in Frankfurt am Main.

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Conference "Biodiversity in the Food Trade"

Biodiversity protection must become part of the food industry’s understanding of quality! The conference “Biodiversity in the Food Trade” on 7 and 8 October 2021 in Fulda was a complete success – there is a mood of optimism. The BioRegio Institute and the Global Nature Fund (GNF) had invited to the event. 60 participants and speakers discussed live about promising approaches to promote biodiversity along the food value chains.

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Conference "Biodiversity in the Food Industry"

Together with agriculture, the food sector has a major impact on biodiversity. By supporting food standards and through effective and targeted procurement requirements, the food sector can make a significant contribution to halting biodiversity loss. There is an urgent need for action here! The newly founded association “Food for Biodiversity”, founded in March 2021, has set itself this goal.
As part of a kick-off conference, we provided information on the topic on 20.05.2021, shortly before the “International Day for Biological Diversity”.

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Five successful years for biodiversity in the food sector: environmental foundations take stock

Five successful years for biodiversity in the food sector: environmental foundations take stock!
Since 2016, the Global Nature Fund (GNF) and the Lake Constance Foundation have worked together with partner organisations in the “LIFE Food & Biodiversity” project to establish biodiversity as a core element of the European food industry. Now the project came to a close – and the new association “Food for Biodiversity” continues the commitment to its goals with strong support.

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A strong alliance for biodiversity - Food for Biodiversity association is founded

Foundation on 3 March 2021, the International Day for the Protection of Species.

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Pressemitteilung 15.10.2021

Biologische Vielfalt: Grundlage für die FoodBranche

Biodiversitätsschutz muss Teil des Qualitätsverständnisses der Lebensmittelbranche werden!
Die Tagung „Biodiversität im Lebensmittelhandel“ in Fulda war ein voller Erfolg es herrscht


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